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Google videos from the First International Meeting on Synthetic Biology held at MIT, June 10-12, 2004, Cambridge, MA.

Video #1

  • Sound and video check (0-4')
  • Drew Endy, MIT, welcome & introduction (7-12')
  • Samantha Sutton, MIT, session chair
  • Homme Hellinga, Duke, plenary lecture (12-55')
  • Wendell Lim, UCSF, plenary lecture (55-EOF)

Video #2

  • Carlos Barbas, Scripps, plenary lecture (0-46')
  • Reshma Shetty, MIT, session chair
  • Tom Knight, MIT, plenary lecture (47-EOF)

Video #3

  • Fred Blattner, U. of Wisconsin, plenary lecture (0-38')
  • Pim Stemmer, Avidia Research Institute, pleneray lecture (39'-EOF)

Video #4

  • John Mulligan, Blue Heron Biotechnology, plenary lecture (0-30')
  • Pim Stemmer, Roger Brent, Drew Endy, discussion on ownership & sharing in biotech (31-EOF)

Video #5

  • Michael Savageau, UC Davis, plenary lecture (0-39')
  • Jim Collins, Boston Univ., plenary lecture (40-EOF)

Video #6

  • Beat Kramer, ETH, student lectre (0-11')
  • Michael Elowitz, Caltech, plenary lecture (12-47')
  • Ido Golding, Princeton, student lecture (48-75')
  • Maya Said, MIT, session chair
  • Ron Weiss, Princeton, plenary lecture (76-EOF')

Video #7

  • Radhika Nagpal, Harvard, plenary lecture (0-42')
  • Matt Francis, UC Berkeley, plenary lecture (43-83')
  • Jay Keasling, UC Berkeley, plenary lecture (84-EOF)

Video #8

  • George Poste, Arizona State Univ., plenary lecture (7-38')
  • Roger Brent, Brad Smith, Roger Brent, discussion of biological security and risk (39-76')
  • Paul Rabinow, UC Berkeley, plenary lecture (77-EOF')

Video #9

  • Community discussions and other topics (Carl Pabo, Drew Endy, Randy Rettberg, others)

Video #10

  • Community discussions and other topics (Carl Pabo, Drew Endy, Randy Rettberg, others)

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